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CityVerver Developer Portal


Welcome to the CityVerve Developer Portal

CityVerve brings together the brightest minds and pioneering use cases to redefine ‘smart’ in the context of a living, working city.

It aims to build and deliver a smarter, more connected Manchester; creating a city that uses technology to meet the complex needs of its people.

Now you too can take part in this exciting project. Simply sign up for access to our developer API and write some cool apps that use the data and services of Manchester and the CityVerve platform.

You will find a whole range of data to play with - such as Air Quality, Car Parks, Metro Stations, Schools, Crimes, Accidents, Taxi Ranks, Speed Cameras, Cycle Routes, Weather and a whole lot more. In fact, there are over 250,000 different things indexed on the CityVerve platform, with more being added all the time. Plus all our data is instantly searchable via our live HyperCat index - so you find schools by Ofsted rating, or areas with least crime, or sensors that measure humidity, or car parks with free spaces...

We've got a step-by-step getting started guide to explain how to get up and running with the API and there are samples and example apps available too. All the source code for these demos is freely available on our GitHub repo.

So why not sign-up, login and get coding!

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