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CityVerver Developer Portal

Getting Started

Here is a simple, step-by-step guide, explaining everything that you need to do in order to get started using the CityVerve API.

Step 1: Sign up

In order to use the API you will need an account on this developer portal, so the first step is to sign-up for an account. To do this start by selecting the "Login" option that you will see in the top-right corner of each page:


Next, on the login form, select the option in the bottom-right that says "Sign Up" (highlighted in green below):

sign up

Then complete the registration form that appears next:


Submit this form to register your account.

We do not yet mandate an email confirmation step, but this may be added at a later date.

Step 2: Login

Now that you are a registered user, you need to login. Go back through the same as step 1, selecting the "Login" option, only now enter your registered details into the login form:


Once logged in, you should see your initials within a circle in the top-right corner of the page (replacing the "Login" option that was there before you logged in):

login initials

Step 3: Accept the T & Cs

In order to use the API, you will need to explicitly accept the Terms and Conditions of the service. To do this, select your initials in the top-right of the page and a menu will slide in from the right-hand side.

menu options

On this menu select the option "Terms & Conditions" to take you to the screen below:

terms and conditions

It is important that you now take a moment to read through these Terms and Conditions and to make sure that you accept what they say. Only if you accept them, select the checkbox at the bottom and submit the form. Your acceptance will be acknowledged.

You can always return to the Terms and Conditions screen at a later time to confirm the that you have accepted them.

accepted terms and conditions

As the text in the image above states, if you no longer accept them, your only option is to leave the platform.

Step 4: Request an API Key

The next step is to request an API key. To do this, select your initials in the top-right of the page and then a menu of options will slide in. On that menu, select the option "Request an API Key":

menu options

This will bring up the form you need to request a key:

key request

Submit this form by clicking the "Request API Key" button.

At this stage, if you have not yet accepted the Terms and Conditions (previous step above) you will be redirected back to that step until you have accepted them. When you have accepted them, then submitting this form will take you to a screen showing you your personal API key:

In the image below, we have obscured the actual API key with a blur. When you see this form, it will contain your API key expressed as a long hexadecimal number.

key received

Remember you only need to request an API key once ever. You should store your key in a permanent, safe and private place.

You can only have one active key at a time. If you re-request a new key, your previous key will no longer work.

Step 5: Make API calls

Now everything is in place for you to get access to the data via making API calls.

The API key that you have been given, can be used to make API calls via a range of technologies such as C#, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Objective C, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, et al.

Just to get you started, you can make a call to the API using your key via the simple cURL command line below:

curl --verbose -X GET "https://api.cityverve.org.uk/v1/entity/blue-plaque/bp_4" --header "Authorization: your-api-key-here" --data-ascii "{body}"

You can see further examples of using the API over on our showcase section.

If you have further questions or comments, feel free to get in touch. Please do share with us any cool apps that you create with the API. You can use either our contact page, Facebook or Twitter.

Have fun using the CityVerve API!

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