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CityVerver Developer Portal


Here we showcase some working examples of code using the CityVerve API. Have a look through these to use as a head-start or inspiration for your own work. If you make a cool app and want to share it with others, then do get in touch with the details.

Mapping Demos

Here are a couple of demos of overlaying CityVerve data on to maps.

As you will see from these demos, the code to achieve an integration with mapping APIs is really simple and straightforward. A critical point is that, the code needed for say Blue Plaques, is exactly the same as for History or Rail Stations or any other entity type. This is because the CityVerve API delivers a consistent and interoperable approach over the wide array of data that it makes available. This significantly simplifies the amount of work that developers, like you, need to do.

Google Maps Demo

get the code

Click here to see a demo of using the API with Google Maps.

google maps demo

Ordnance Survey Maps Demo

get the code

Click here to see a demo of using the API with Ordnance Survey Maps.

ordnance survey maps demo

Hypercat Demo

get the code

Click here for a Hypercat demo, designed to show the power of The Catalogue within CityVerve.

The Catalogue is based upon the open HyperCat standard (formally called BSI:PAS:212). This demo uses an interactive form which builds up a HyperCat request URL. It also lets you submit the URL to see the types of responses that HyperCat sends back. Hopefully, after using with this demo, you will understand how to make your own calls to The Catalogue from within your applications.

In this demo, as an example, we make calls to the car-park catalogue. Calls to the catalogues of all the other entity types will be of exactly the same construction. Further, we only show a sub-set of the properties of the car-park entity here and also only a subset of the types of querying you can do on them using HyperCat.

hypercat demo

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